For DJ Sun, widely known and respected recording artist, DJ, and founder of the Soular Grooves Radio Show, music is a universal language, a communication of common experience that bridges both genre and geography.

Sun’s sound has a remarkably timeless quality, at once both warmly nostalgic and space-age cool. Sun, whose latest original album One Hundred released in 2013, is a veteran curator and creator of soul, jazz, and groove. Performing with his band as DJ Sun & Resolution, Sun draws on a deep, personal love affair with soul and the analog sound.

Hallmarks from Sun’s 20-year career include two original EPs, 2007’s Monday Drive and 2009’s Para, a weekly at Houston’s The Flat and Onion Creek (all 45’s) and the popular and long-running Soular Grooves Radio Show, which can be heard in Houston on KPFT 90.1FM Saturday nights from 9-12 as well as online at

Sun regularly collaborates on original material with world-class musicians like Tim Ruiz, Martin Perna, Lisa Harris, and Chase Hamblin. He’s a resident at Eighteenth St. Lounge in Washington DC (home of his friends Thievery Corporation) and can frequently be seen in the Sycamore Bar & Flower Shop in Kensington, Brooklyn, NYC.


The History of Soular Grooves:

It all started in the Fall of 1992 with NiteShift, an event hosted and produced by Tunde Akindele. The event featured Houston poet and artist, Israel McCloud, a DJ and a three piece jazz band. It took place at then Club Kamelyon in the 900 block of Prairie, in downtown Houston.

By 1993 Tunde and DJ Sun crossed paths and exchanged ideas about the music they enjoyed and how inaccessible it had been to the general audience. Why not do an event playing jazz, funk, hip hop, house and reggae in an atmosphere conducive to chillin' and groovin'.

The Soulcookin' events were born and provided the crowds with different flavors including rare grooves and an alternative groove (acid jazz). The events had subtitles and moved from venue to venue: "Sugar" (1/94) at Bubbahs BBQ & Danceteria, "Soulcookin' with Fire" (4/94) at Lawndale Art Center, "Soulcookin's New Year's Eve" (12/93) at C&B Cafeteria.

In April, 1994, after "Soulcookin' with Fire", DJ Sun joined with The Equinox Group to start Soulstice. The jazz club was located upstairs at 910 Prairie, in downtown Houston and featured poetry, live jazz and DJ Sun on the Turntables every Friday, spinning rare grooves, jazz, salsa, house and hip hop.

In December 1994 Soulstice shut down and DJ SUN moved to the airwaves when he secured a slot on KPFT 90.1 FM. At first mired at the Wednesday 3 to 5am slot, the show was moved to prime time: Soular Grooves, 9pm to midnight.

The show now boasts a line-up that includes (alongside DJ Sun) DJs: Melodic, Josh Zulu, N9ne, Bosco, Seth Jones, Mr. Grinch, Derek Jones, Esteban Torres, Brotha Jibril, Eric Salzman, Lil Tiger, Grace Rogers, Quincy Banks, and Joel Garfield.

Soular Grooves prides itself on genre-bending, mixing music from across a variety of tempos and styles with a common thread of soul, jazz, and groove elements. The show airs Saturdays from 9:00pm to 12am CST on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, Texas, and is broadcast globally on From 9:00pm-11pm we play individual tracks. At 11pm we feature a one-hour live mix from one of the soular grooves DJs.

Soular Grooves and its DJs have won numerous Best Radio Show and Best DJ awards, and featured some of the best DJ talent in town, including previous Soular Grooves members Chicken George, DJ Theory, and others.