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Car Maintenance Tips

Owning a car comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. Good maintenance will ensure that your car performs at optimum levels and remains in good condition for a long time. It can also help you to avoid massive costs that can result from major breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance. Car maintenance does not have to be very expensive. In fact, there are a few things that you can do on your own without having to go to the mechanic. Below are some of the maintenance tips to help you with that.

Tips for car maintenance


Car tires are prone to wear and tear. This is because of the high friction and mechanical force that they experience as the car moves. You should ensure that the tires are in good condition at all times. Check the tire pressure at least twice every month and adjust accordingly. This is because the vehicle will not run efficiently if the amount of pressure in the tires is not optimum. You should also check the tire treads and confirm that they are within permitted limits. All the checks should be done for the spare tire as well.

It is also recommended that you swap your tires at intervals of 25,000 kilometers. It simply means swapping the front tires with the back ones, in a particular pattern. This will ensure that the tires wear out evenly.


r576tu5r6t5r7ty7jYou can also do some little maintenance to the engine. Check the oil level and ensure it is between the minimum and maximum markings. You can do the check using a clean dipstick. Ensure that the car is on a level ground and the engine has cooled down before you take the measurement. Take your car to the mechanic if you notice that you have to adjust the oil level more frequently than normal. If the engine uses water as a coolant, you should also check the water and add some if necessary. You can also top up antifreeze if it is the cold season.

Tool kit

In case a tire gets a puncture as you travel, you will need to have a tool kit to help you fix the problem. It is thus very important to ensure that your tool kit has all the relevant tools and equipment, all in good condition. You can have a variety of accessories in the tool kit as well, depending on the nature of the trip.…

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rodney hunter / is this your boy feat. ken cesar / hunter files / g-stone
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wale oyejide / there’s a war going on / 12″ / giant step
zap mama / bandy bandy (carl craigs rmx) / cd-single / giant step
bobby hughes experience / my french brother / the outernational sound / esl
jiva / stars (eol rmx) / 12″ / giant step
tortured soul / epic / introducing tortured soul / torturedsoulmusic.com
mark farina / dream machine feat. sean hayes (j boogie mix) / cd-single / om
langoth / walk / sentimental cooking / sunshine
dj melodic live mix bebel gilberto / all around (telefon tel aviv mix) / 12″ / east west
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spinform / nattflykt genom / 12″ / hobby industries
telefon tel aviv / sound in a dark room /immediate action #8 / hefty
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